Ghostdust Pty Ltd develops iOS, tvOS, and macOS apps. It is located in the Gympie region in Queensland, Australia.


SongSheet Pro

SongSheet Pro application icon
  • SongSheet Pro supports the gigging musician by providing the ability to carry a library of thousands of chord charts with them on their iPad or iPhone, arrange them into set lists, and much more.
  • Platform: iPad & iPhone
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SongSheet Remote

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  • SongSheet Remote is a free companion app for SongSheet. Running on your iPhone, it allows you to wirelessly control SongSheet by tapping and swiping on your iPhone or by using Bluetooth foot pedals.
  • Platform: iPhone
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Reverse Chord Finder Pro

Reverse Chord Finder Pro application icon
  • Have you ever played a chord on your guitar or keyboard, but not known its name? Reveres Chord Finder Pro will tell you the answer! Enter the chord as you play it on guitar or keyboard or in music score notation, and it will tell you the chord's name.
  • Platform: iPhone
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